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H y p e r i o n

There's a clown in the bunker...

A bunker on a Greek island. A conscript keeping watch. Alone. His mission: to guard the border for 3 days. Three days later, no one shows up. No replacement, no pick-up, no one.

He'll look for ways to keep busy. He'll try not to lose his mind. He might even put on a show.
There’s a clown in the bunker.

(long) after Hölderlin

Hyperion is a new piece of theatre merging story-telling, clown and poetry.

Freely inspired by Friedrich Hölderlin's 1797 novel 'Hyperion or the Hermit in Greece' this one man show is created against the backdrop of the Greek Euro debt crisis... A playful take on our sense of belonging, heritage and personal responsibility.

Kate Maltby on Twitter

‘in awe of George Siena’s elastic energy in Hyperion. Beckett does the political history of Greece…’


Eddie Harris - The List

‘a poignant lament for a country which, on this evidence, is not changing for the better… Siena’s one-man-show provides a welcome streak of intellectual rigour’


David James - London City Nights

‘entertaining, funny and dynamic…

less concerned with lecturing its audience and more on divining a kind of poetry from this vast scope of history’

Tricia Wey - A Younger Theatre:
the triumph of Hyperion is in its seamlessness. It is a rare occurrence to discover a performance in which every aspect of the show compliments each other aspect in just the right way... a holistic, well-connected performance that allowed me to go on an emotional journey as it progressed. It is the physical embodiment of poetry in motion.

Meagan Mulgrew - Always a Critic:

‘funny but at the same time your heart kind of broke… 

I’ve never been so enraptured in a one-man-show before…

an entrapping piece of work… very very relevant to our world perspective right now’

Hyperion premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 and was part of the Voila! Europe Festival 2017 with performances at the Cockpit, London.


George Siena: creation/performance

Li-Tien Chueh: associate artist

Byron Katritsis: composer

Mayou Trikerioti: costume designer

Dimitris Chimonas: actor/deviser in R&D

Melly Still: mentor

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